Tarcutta Hospital Auxiliary

Though the Tarcutta Hospital Auxiliary is only small, it continues to work with enthusiasm for the

Community Health Centre and the people of Tarcutta and district.

The Tarcutta Auxiliary is grateful for the support of the community of Tarcutta and district.

Contact: Faye Belling

Phone: 02 6928 8209


A Tarcutta District co-operative Community Hospital Ltd was formed on the 21 Aug 1958 with plans to build a hospital in Tarcutta.

At their first Annual General Meeting on the 4 Nove 1959 a resolution was passed that Mrs Dorothy Wild and Mrs Jean Pottie convene a meeting to form a Womans Auxilary. So on the 20 Nov 1959 the first Auxiliary Meeting took place with 22 people present thus the formation of the “Tarcutta Hospital Auxilary”.

With the plan to build a hospital in the village of Tarcutta already in motion the Hospital Auxilary played a very important role in the funding efforts. The building was officially opened on 18 Dec 1966 by Wal Fife, Local M.P.

Registered Nurses provided a service 27 hrs – 7 days per week.

The Auxilary had purchased furnishings and furniture and provided medical aids for the nursing staff.

For many years Tarcutta and District people appreciated and valued the service give by the nurses and a Doctor service.

All the while the Hospital Auxilary continued to raise money – purchasing nexessary equipment for the nurses and doctor.

Unfortunatly things changed – in the 1990s the nurses hours were cut to just 5 days a week, being from 9 -5. Then the Doctor’s service of ½ day a week discontinued. Then followed the closure of the building – and sadley the present time there is no medical care delivered from the building.

However the Senior Daycare Group meets in the building weekly for 3 hours and the Hospital Auxilary Meeting is held bi-monthly.
The Auxilary continues to work with the main purpose concerntrating on providing support and care for the Senior Daycare Group and Senior Community Citizens.

We have members who have earned 40 year, 30 year and 20 year service bars. We have Marie Hamilton, who was nursing sister in charge for 30 years, with the honor of Internal Life Member. Jean Stewart, who was secretary of the Auxilary for 23 years and also an Internal Life Member of the Hospital Auxilary. Jean Pottie. OAM is a State Life Member – she will gain 50 year service badge in Nov 2009 and is our Paton. She was a nursing sister for 20 years.

The Auxilary has always enjoyed much respect and support from the community.

The members are now planning a 50 year celebration – A great milestone Nov 1959 – Nov 2009

While there is an active Auxiliary – there is also a strong voice to speak out on health issues – LONG MAY WE CONTINUE